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About this blog: Sandstorm, HackerCMS, Cloudflare, Cloudflare Apps

By Jade Wang - 04 Mar 2018

This blog is hosted on Sandstorm using the “Hacker CMS” app and modified with Cloudflare Apps.

Hacker CMS is a simple CMS that Kenton wrote in a day as a demo of what can be done on Sandstorm, powered by Jekyll with an embedded Ace editor.

Fun fact: my blog server is only running while I’m editing, e.g., when I have the grain open on Sandstorm. But it stays up because it’s behind Cloudflare.

Also, because it’s behind Cloudflare, I can make modifications on the edge with Cloudflare Apps. Here are the Cloudflare Apps installed on this blog:

Additional modifications on this blog:

The great thing is, neither of those add-ons require the server to be up to work, similar to how the Cloudflare Apps also don’t require the server to be up. :)

All-in-all, I’d say I’m striking a reasonable balance between customizability and convenience. That is, it’s neither the most homebrewed DIY blog solution possible nor is it the most automated not-really-customizable consumer-edition.