Thursday, February 26, 2015

Highlights from Watermark's Lead On Conference

The highlight of the Lead On conference on everyone's lips is Hillary Clinton talking about the economic implications of gender equality, and the money the nation is leaving on the table when women get held back professionally. And of course, there's Kara Swisher's fantastic interview of Hillary Clinton, the audience's anticipation (about possible announcements!), and the inspirational keynotes, all of which were truly awe-inspiring.

But my favorite moments were more off-camera. In particular, in the "Courageous Innovation" breakout session: a candid story from Yoky Matsuoka (Google-X, Nest, Twitter, and roboticist). Dr. Matsuoka told a story about her two daughters, and the "experiment" she ran on them. As typical in Silicon Valley, her family didn't watch TV at home, except for PBS and such. And they've always had lots of exposure to female role models who were scientists, engineers, etc. So when she brought them to a Women 2.0 event, celebrating female entrepreneurs, they were baffled as to why that was even a thing.


That's the world I want the next generation growing up in. The biggest strides are made when mainstream public lists of success stories are balanced, even if the status quo of separate and shorter list of female success stories is needed as a stepping stone.

And a huge thanks to Derek DeWinter and Jill Ratkevic for the invite! You rock!

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Thursday, February 19, 2015


Dāervose jevosy yne enkot daor.
Jemot ziry tepagon koston daor.
Dāerves jevys tepagon yne sytilībos daor.
Jemēle mēri sytilības.
Lo ziry arlī jaelāt, jamelo syt ziry mazemagon jemo bēvilza.
Tolvies jemys.
You do not owe me your freedom.
I cannot give it to you.
Your freedom is not mine to give.
It belongs to you and you alone.
If you want it back, you must take it for yourselves.
Each and every one of you.