Monday, April 11, 2011

frantic strawberries

We (NS and I) are speeding away from El Palo Alto (Palr Altr?), that tall tree, two more clues to plant, already running late, driving like a maniac, narrowly avoiding death at each intersection, and Game Control is severely understaffed/overburdened.  We need to plant a human at a cafe before heading over to Hacker Dojo to see off two more waves of teams.

It was intended to be a small game (limited to Palo Alto-Mountain View-ish), a precursor for our next epic one, not a 47-team 3-wave Gordian knot of chaos, epic as it is.  In the coming hours, clues will go missing, locations found to be condemned, devices broken (falling into the river), teams speeding towards the city or Saratoga (outside the domain of this game).  Microsoft security will move the location of our clue.  At this point, we have yet to break Google Voice with our massive texting volume (and by necessity field all confirmations via voice in the 30 min it took BK to build a GV clone), have yet to find the bluetooth problems with the phone clue, potentially deal with the chaos of 47 tequila sunrises.  So many lessons learned that will make the next one better.  Issues with scaling, human volunteers, need for food/electricity.

But at this particular stop sign, we are stopped waiting for a woman and her dog to cross the street.  The cuteness of that puppy overwhelms.  NS tells the parable of the strawberry.  This moment, here, waiting for the puppy.  The strawberries have never been so sweet.

Current music: Bitter:sweet - Bittersweet Faith

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