Wednesday, September 29, 2010

SETI lunch seminars: Wednesdays at noon

From the SETI Institute colloquium announcement. They are free and open to the public.

Please join us on Wednesday 29th of September at midday *at the Innovation Room on the 2nd Floor of the new SETI Headquarters at 189 N. Bernardo Ave, Mountain View* for a free public talk.

Upcoming talks:

  • Oct. 06 -- Margarita Marinova (Ames): "The Mars dichotomy: Brought to you by a mega impact"
  • Oct. 12 -- Ellen Howell (Cornell): "Arecibo Radar Observations of Near-Earth Asteroids"
  • Oct. 13 -- Nick Woolf (UofA): "A New Look at what Life is and How it Began"
  • Oct. 20 -- Chung-Pei Ma (UCB): "Dark Matter: The Other Universe"
  • Oct. 27 -- Seth Shostak (SETI): "New Search Strategies for SETI"
  • Nov. 03 -- Gary Glatzmaier (UCSC): "Computer simulations of convection and magnetic field generation in planets"
  • Nov. 10 -- Claudio Maccone (IAA) "Statistical Equation for Habitables (SEH) and the Statistical Fermi Paradox"
  • Nov. 17 -- Mark Clampin (Goddard): "Status of the James Webb Telescope and its Capabilities for Exoplanet Science"
  • Dec. 01 -- Bart De Pontieu (LMCO): "IRIS: a new window on the physics of the solar interface region"
  • Dec. 08 -- P. Buford Price (UCB): "Microbial Dark Matter in Glacial Ice and implications for Martian life"
  • Jan. 05 -- David Morrison (SETI): "Near Earth Asteroids as Targets for Human and Robotic Exploration"
  • Jan. 19 -- Rob French (SETI): "The Evolution of Saturn's F Ring"  
  • Mar. 09 -- Heidi B. Hammel (SSI): "Planetary Observations with the James Webb Space Telescope"

YouTube videos of recent lectures:

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