Friday, July 3, 2009

(seen on t-shirt) forget the dog, beware of me

Actual conversation. Over ice cream. After Quartino's and Blagojevich Superstar for J's bday.

RM: Honestly, I'm actually scared of Veronica Mars. (long pause)
Me: (slowly, while looking at RK) I am *not* scary.
RK: (equally slowly) Yes. You. Are. You're intimidating.
Me: Not on purpose.
JZ: (quoting t-shirt seen earlier in the evening) Forget the dog, beware of me! hehe...
Me: (shocked expression) Oh, is that why MK was hiding behind you like you were a tree?

Current music: Sneaker Pimps - Spin spin sugar

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  1. that restaurant sounds good. Even though it bills itself as an "urban Italian neighborhood" place, which might be a bit of false advertising given its location.