Monday, May 11, 2009

Chirp-stream Digest

Swine Flu Tweets:
Berkshire Tweets:
  • It dawns on me that this is investment as a tool for intelligently planned production on the planet. #brk
  • Try drinking every time charlie says "I've got nothing to add." #brk
  • "that was slick, striking up a conversation with the guys we were cutting in front of..." -ar #brk
  • Best seats possible. Sprinting ability is useful. Yeehaw!
  • somalian cab driver named den. what's he doing in omaha?
  • - meta-image
  • - Omaha old marketplace
  • - seen in omaha -- friends don't let friends...
  • - is this how you imagine Omaha?

Amusement, Cbae and TTL:
Current music: Vienna Teng - Stray Italian Greyhound

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