Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wishlist of Imaginary Apps

Apps I would totally use and grow dependent upon if they existed. So, if you're out there, and you've the inclination to develop any (or all) of these, consider this a pretty, pretty please. :P

+ sync gTalk away message and Twitter (I know you're on it, R. But right now, it's still imaginary.)

+ integrate gCalendar with eVite, facebook events, and other event-planning mechanisms by extracting not only date/time/place information, but contact info for the organizer

+ seamlessly sync the GPS system in my car with gMaps. (may require 3G-enabling the car. either that or you could extract it the calendar of a docked and gCal-synced iPod.) That way, I can get traffic conditions in real time, and have the option of integrating it with expected future traffic conditions (on the way to my destination) to have an accurate ETA.
- And if this becomes widely adopted enough, when a large enough proportion of cars are using this, we'll have optimized traffic patterns everywhere!
+ well, hey, if that works, we might as well have destination information directly funneled into my car from my gCal

+ voice control. yes, I know there are voice activated GPS, but I want it to seamlessly control onboard GPS as well as phone function (dude, we have to 3G-enable the car).
- by which I mean I press something on the steering wheel and say "change destination" or "show map" or "call Julie"

- and the voice control should be adaptive, like Dragon Naturally Speaking. reading a paragraph to train it on my peculiarities is actually kinda fun, especially if it improves performance.
+ if my ETA deviates from expected > threshold, prompt me for a voice command to call or text the humans I'm supposed to be in contact with (or update Twitter) with my new ETA.

+ on second thought, there is a certain cumbersomeness to voice control that's less optimal than, say, in combination with twitch control -- something like mouse gestures, but for the a body appendage (like a finger-less glove).

+ oh! and ... never mind, the Kindle already does gReader. ha.

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