Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Truly Minimalist Pepper Oil Sauce


- 2 handfuls red chili peppers (dried, whole)
- 1 clove
- hot oil (corn or canola, not olive oil -- high flashpoint preferred); approx. equal vol. to the peppers before they are ground.
- coffee grinder
- glass jar (enough to store oil + spices)


1. Grind spices in coffee grinder. (Play around with proportions to find your favorite combination.)
2. Heat hot oil in a saucepan until almost at its flashpoint.
3. Turn off heat.
4. Put in spices. Stir and immediately close lid.
5. Allow to cool to room temperature. Store in jar. Or serve mixed into rice/noodles with a touch of soy sauce.

Notes: Crushed pepper seeds will take on a sesame-like aroma after being fried--that's the best part about this insanely easy sauce.

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