Saturday, November 1, 2008

Ginkgo Harvest

Stage 1: Wait for ginkgo fruit to ripen and fall to the ground from a storm or gust of wind. It is their natural inclination to be just slightly larger than chemically-fattened cherries.

Stage 2: Allow small furry creatures to eat the fruit and leave the seeds behind. Depending on their oral dexterity (and something of natural gracefulness in their eating habits), some seeds will be left with teethmarks. Judging from the size of the teethmarks (see below), I'd hypothesize a chipmunk-sized creature.

Stage 3: Wash and dry ginkgo nuts overnight on a paper towel. Crack open ginkgo nuts with a nutcracker. Cover and microwave until you hear a few explosions being tamed by the cover you, ahem, didn't neglect to place on top of the nuts (approx. 1 min. for 25 nuts, microwave-dependent). Consume delicious translucent green gems.


Current music: Nickelback - Someday


  1. nice to have the visuals documenting our ginkgo conversation last week--i'm assuming coco is one of the furry creatures that eat the fruit off the berries?

  2. nope. mostly squirrels, gerbils/chipmunks/mice, raccoons, etc. raccoons often leave big teethmarks on the nuts -- or even eat the nut along with. coco doesn't like the fruit, but likes bringing nuts home (he prefers them raw).