Saturday, October 25, 2008

the sea is wine red

The 'Princess of Nebraska' noted that 'moving on' is at core an American concept. Sever your connections to the past and reinvent your identity. Come full circle in a helical fashion. Remember the child who wanted to break free from something she couldn't define. The shadow of a once-perfect garden, flawless precisely for being imaginary. Mostly. Real enough to run from, turn from. Avoid anything that shares some common element with that. Remember being her. The world is full of possibility, chaos pursues its own order, normative and imperative statements are irrelevant. There is only: I can do this. I can staple around the pages of the past seven years of my life and say, here lies a chapter.

Here is the masquerade of detachment, desire long held as a biohazard in containment. Here is all the hurt, rage, regret, and disappointment this wisp of a body was capable of holding and experiencing, encased in a neat pellet. Here is the scene with Charles Townsend, "She weeps for the lively, vivacious girl she once was," swallow this, and make misery beautiful. Here, a volcano was muted so long its face was washed into the earth, and we are left with a cork still looming. The Devil's Tower shadows the plains, marking time like a sundial, memory without its container. Please God, make me a stone.

Current music: Blue Foundation - As I Moved On

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  1. yes. and the world is still full of possibility. healing proceeds & newness invades. smiles (from the inside) return. :)